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High profile marriage, low-key care for Weiya Zhaoye non mainstream long-term mammy strategy surfaced

2019/09/27 16:28
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In the autumn of 2015, after o2o's crazy feast, startups were full of sorrow.

A large number of imitations lead to serious homogenization, many start-ups have run out of financing and are facing huge pressure from the market and capital. According to the industry forecast, 98% of startups will fall in the future, so who will become 2% in the future? What is the direction of o2o company transformation?

"With the coming of a new industrial storm, we are all groping in chaos. With the passage of time, whose bones and broadsword are hard enough to kill the red sea?"

"The normal people in the lunatic asylum must be non mainstream. Huawei's global business philosophy has only two words: live ". Mr. tax yabing, chairman of Weiya group and founder of Weiya Zhaoye, said.

Wei Ya trillion is the investment company of Wei Ya group. As a traditional multinational enterprise group engaged in diversified operations in China World Trade Center, real estate and media, Wei Ya quickly cut off the medical sector in 2014, set up a scientific and technological sector, and completed the magnificent transformation of "Internet +".

As the originator of China's automobile aftermarket, car washing is the o2o platform that first set foot in car washing service. Now, the store ranks the top five in China, and won the angel round investment of China Road capital in 2014. In July 2015, it obtained M & A and strategic investment from Weiya Zhaoye.

According to tax yabing, "in order to pursue high-frequency market education, one yuan car washing and free car washing have a great impact on the market, but most users eat sugar coating and throw shells back.". The user data that deceives investors seems to be huge, but the actual stickiness is not strong. It's only a matter of time before such a low threshold and high money burning mode falls.

Therefore, while doing well in the maintenance of users' fans, washing love car mainly focuses on offline service and targeted customers. On the one hand, consolidate the user base and improve the user experience; on the other hand, tap the customers of the development group. It is reported that car washing has established strategic cooperation with a number of 10000 people group enterprises. Tax yabing confidently said, "without virtual data, we focus on brand, service and word-of-mouth, high profit and overestimate value as long-term line".

Another "silent" o2o project is white-collar technology. Silence is due to the media exposure is very little, voice is because in many office buildings, "white-collar" has become a tacit fashion. White collar technology is based on the o2o project of the office building, through the use of white-collar time in the office building, to cultivate their integral consumption habits. This mode has been mature in Japan, but it has not been formed in China. It is reported that white-collar technology has developed version 3.0 by using the huge international trade product resources of Weiya group, led media resources of office buildings, integral resources of cooperative multinational large enterprises, high-end customers of real estate financial strategic cooperation consortia and other resources that are not easy to imitate the high threshold. Accurate white-collar members will break through 1 million in the near future.

White collar technology was founded in January 2015. Its founder and CEO is Chen Xi, a well-known media Internet person. Tax yabing participated in the joint venture, and Weiya Zhaoye completed "angel" and "PREA". Relying on the background of Weiya group, it provides a huge resource integration and sharing in the front and back end, providing a large platform, hard background and high guarantee for the rapid growth of white-collar technology. "For good projects and teams, we tend to be lifelong nannies, to ensure the privacy of the model and the efficiency of the founding team's decision-making," he stressed

It is also reported that Weiya Zhaoye has formed strategic cooperation with other leaders in the C2C mode of used cars, and a series of measures have laid a solid foundation for Weiya group to enter China's science and technology market and o2o field.

Finally, the founder of Weiya Zhaoye, Shi yabing, said: "o2o should be combined with offline resources; overestimated value should be combined with member data and business model, but more importantly, long-term high profits. The core of mergers and acquisitions should be in the team. The core of investment should be resource integration. The strategy of Wei Asia may be in the Internet + "age crazy tide", but please call us Xiaoqiang, because we live long. We hope to marry and support more down-to-earth and high-quality o2o start-up companies and teams through the platform, resources and model of Weiya. The heart is in the sky, but as long as the foot is on the road, there is no distance we can't reach. ".