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Since 2010, WIA Group has reached a strategic cooperation intention with Japan's largest real estate group, Japan's Mitsui Real Estate Co., Ltd. The two parties plan to jointly establish a joint venture company in mainland China, with first-tier cities in China as bridgeheads, and develop multiple real estate development investment and asset management projects in China and Japan. At the end of 2014, WIA Group invested in holding white-collar technology, and made every effort to build the first brand of point-rewarding-the white-collar club; as of May 2015, the number of active members of the white-collar WeChat account has exceeded 100,000.

Looking for "money" for o2o startups? The strategy of "keeping eagles in enclosure" of the inferior soldiers of Weiya Zhaoye tax
"Eagle" wings into "chicken" body, "Lion" pay. With the collapse of a large number of o2o start-up companies, the few leaders of Weiya group, the founder of Weiya Zhaoye investment, tax yabing, wittily said: "when others are crazy, I'm afraid; when others are afraid, I'm crazy.
High profile marriage, low-key care for Weiya Zhaoye non mainstream long-term mammy strategy surfaced
In the autumn of 2015, after o2o's crazy feast, startups were full of sorrow.
Weiya group invests in white-collar club to jointly build the first brand of points for gifts
By the end of 2014, Wei Ya group had invested in white-collar technology to build up the first brand in the future, the white-collar club. As of May 2015, the number of effective members of the WeChat white public number has exceeded 100 thousand.
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