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Tribal ark (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd

2019/10/15 09:17
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Industry and venture capital




Introduction to tribal ark company

Taking health and ecology as the theme, Japanese service management system and intelligent technology as the fortress, the tribe ark first proposed the concept of new work style, which is committed to creating an international high-end green ecological office space. In addition to the strong hardware conditions, the tribal ark provides all-round enterprise level services such as human resources, legal affairs, investment and financing for the settled enterprises, and regularly holds community salons to provide the best shared office experience for high-end intelligence intensive enterprises in the core business district of the first tier cities.




Introduction to the space of Yansha base camp

The first space of the tribal ark, Yansha base camp, was officially opened to operation in April 2017. It is located on the Bank of Liangma River, East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It is a five story intelligent leisure office complex and one of the most ecological hydrophilic buildings in Beijing. The first and second floors are street shops, and the third and fourth floors are shared office space. Here, there are not only birds singing and flowers fragrance, but also murmuring water, large-scale green plants and innovative supporting equipment, practical but not rigid, which is the best place for you to work in noisy.

Total area of station: 2600m2

Number of workers: 314

Exclusive space: 16

Meeting rooms: 9

Value added configuration:

Salon area, negotiation area, gym, pet foster care, mini kindergarten and other areas, wechat open door, self-help printing, shared office network, intelligent WiFi, instant coffee and tea bag, 24h cleaning and security, green plant maintenance and other services, microwave oven, refrigerator, direct drinking water, self-service coffee machine, snack shelf supporting, so that your office is more convenient and comfortable.

Address: No.39, Maizidian street, Chaoyang District, Beijing. (entrance / exit C of Liangmaqiao station of Metro Line 10 is a 5-minute walk. )



Introduction to international trade space

The tribal ark international trade space is located on the 25th floor of CBD digital 01 building, the core of business, with the Third Ring Road and CCTV in the East and Xishan in the West. The vision of God makes the work better. 1200 ㎡ of office area plus 400 m? Of luxury air garden, adhering to the green and healthy concept of the original forest layout and the perfect combination of modern office style. Wechat opens the door, the conference room is reserved, one-stop technology support, all the convenience can be enjoyed online. Automatic lighting, automatic constant temperature control, energy saving and environmental protection. The real-time monitoring of indoor air quality provides a comfortable and efficient office environment for the settled enterprises.

Total area: 1240m2

Open station: 41

Exclusive office: 23

Meeting rooms: 7 (4 indoor and 3 outdoor)

Value added facilities:

Wechat code scanning entry, self-service printing, human infrared sensing equipment, online lighting and constant temperature control, anion intelligent air purification system and other functions; air garden viewing terrace, coffee shop, open kitchen, gym, shower and other areas, instant coffee and tea bag, 24h cleaning and security, green plant maintenance and other services. Microwave oven, refrigerator, direct drinking water, doll machine interactive entertainment equipment and other facilities.

Detailed address: 25 / F, digital 01 building, No.12, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, (Metro Line 1, line 10, international trade station, Jintai Sunset Station, all within 5 minutes walk. )




Introduction to Sanyuan bridge space

The Sanyuanqiao space of tribal ark is located in the hub of CBD core business circle and North Science and technology innovation circle, the intersection of Metro Line 10 and line 12 and airport express rail, which brings excellent convenience for business office for the settled enterprises from the site selection. The total area of the space is nearly 1200 ㎡. The open area and independent rooms are reasonably allocated, with open windows and daylighting, which can flexibly meet the needs of different enterprises. The atrium garden style green belt environment and exquisite Japanese service system, multi-functional areas integrate fitness, leisure and entertainment, with distinct levels, so that you and I can enjoy both work and life.

Total area: 1200 square meters

Open stations: 97

Exclusive office: 10

Conference room: 4

Value added configuration:

Coffee shop, negotiation area, roof garden terrace, shower room, gym and other areas; hardbound office furniture, self-service printing, shared office network, intelligent WiFi, instant coffee and tea bag, 24h cleaning and security, green plant maintenance and other services; microwave oven, refrigerator, direct drinking water and other matching sets.

Detailed address: Block C, chengjicheng building, No. 8 Xiaguangli, Beijing, (Metro Line 10, line 12, Sanyuanqiao station, Sanyuanqiao station, airport light rail, 5 minutes walk)



Tribal Ark

It's not only a high-powered enterprise office, but also an opportunity for China's economic development

It is not only an office platform in the core business area, but also a ladder to success

It's not only an experience of returning to nature, but also a healthy life

It is not only a comfortable office management system, but also an office space with temperature


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