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Victor group

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Victor Group

Company Profile

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Affiliated Enterprises: more than 30

Chairman of the board of directors: Shi yabing

Number of employees: about 200

Total capital: about 1.25 billion yuan (RMB)

Four business sectors of the group: real estate venture capital, international trade, science and technology sports, fashion media



Main enterprises of the group:

Weiya Japan Co., Ltd. (registered capital: jpy450 million)

Weiya (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd. (registered capital: RMB 100 million)

Weiya Xiongyu (Beijing) International Trade Co., Ltd. (registered capital: RMB 15 million)

Tribal ark (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (registered capital: 100 million yuan)

Beijing boots and cats Sports Culture Co., Ltd. (registered capital: 10 million yuan)



Weiya group is taking the whole world as the stage, achieving rapid growth through four core businesses: real estate investment, science and technology sports, international trade and fashion media. We firmly believe that the competition of enterprises is the competition of talents, and the competition of talents is the competition of personality. The group attaches great importance to corporate culture and humanized management, while making full use of the group's international advantages, making full use of its subsidiaries and sales networks all over the world, and elaborately building a sincere and professional enterprise, a united and efficient team, as well as dedicated and loyal Weiya people. Today, Weiya group will give full play to the advantages of elite team and international network, and constantly explore and forge ahead. Welcome to join us, become a member of the Weiya family, share our dreams with us, experience the joy from commonness to excellence, and set sail for the boundless and successful ocean.