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White collar (Beijing) Technology Management Co., Ltd

2019/10/15 09:45
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White-collar poly department is the O2O mobile internet project invested by Wei Ya group. It closely follows the strategy of the Internet plus proposed by the Chinese government, relying on the cooperation resources of the group and several famous chain supermarkets, the import resources of international trade, the LED media resources of office buildings, the high threshold resources such as the real estate financial strategy cooperation, the high-end customers of the consortium, and so on. White collars are connected with various service providers to provide mobile o2o community service platform suitable for white collars in office areas (office buildings).

The WeChat public number of white collar Music Department was formally launched in March 18, 2015. In the promotion period from March to may, we will launch online gifts according to the marketing strategy of the partners and carry out experiential marketing for members. Users are concerned about the WeChat public number of white-collar music department. They earn points through registration, check-in, invitation, praise, advertising and so on. They receive free gifts from businessmen, and enjoy the life service around the office.

As a strategic partner of Jingdong, white-collar workers cooperated with Jingdong in the social marketing project of Jingdong in January 2017. Through more than 5000 high-quality wechat groups of white-collar workers, each group has 400 to 500 high-end users, and through wechat community marketing means, the promotion of Jingdong products is realized. In this process, JD provides exclusive preferential links for white-collar workers to obtain the internal price of the goods. Users can get the internal purchase coupons that can be redeemed by one click, and purchase the products through wechat, without any tedious process, so as to achieve the effect of saving time and money for users. At the same time of forming a good cooperation with JD and forming a good stickiness with users, it will finally achieve a "win-win" with JD.

In January 2018, white-collar technology took the JD social marketing project as the prototype and created a new platform for preferential shopping - light shopping. Users can not only get the exclusive link provided by Jingdong for white-collar workers through this platform to get the internal price of the goods, but also get the corresponding amount of "red packets" by purchasing the goods. The red packets can be used to exchange high-quality gifts in the light purchase platform, so as to promote users to purchase again and fully improve the stickiness between the platform and users.






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