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Looking for "money" for o2o startups? The strategy of "keeping eagles in enclosure" of the inferior soldiers of Weiya Zhaoye tax

2019/09/27 16:27
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"Eagle" wings into "chicken" body, "Lion" pay.

With the collapse of a large number of o2o start-up companies, the few leaders of Weiya group, the founder of Weiya Zhaoye investment, tax yabing, wittily said: "when others are crazy, I'm afraid; when others are afraid, I'm crazy. As an international investment company, Weiya Zhaoye's current strategy of "keeping eagles in enclosure" is to find excellent o2o start-up technology companies and teams full of "chicken blood", to create a pair of eagle wings for them, to work together with them to create miracles, so that they can turn into Eagles fighting against the sky. "

From takeout to housekeeping, from taxi to car wash, even beauty and medicine, the "lazy man" economy has given birth to more and more o2o entrepreneurial opportunities, behind which are the real gold and silver of investment institutions. However, with the rapid development of the technology market represented by mobile Internet, there is also a phenomenon of "Crazy" investment in the market. The "battle for user traffic" without competition threshold and high expensive subsidies is one of the reasons for the downfall of many o2o startups. The typical performance is that the project is conceptualized, the model is empty, the valuation financing is the development goal, the lack of brand strategy and profit model.

"In the face of cruel market competition, many investment institutions mostly choose to gamble and abandon their strategies," he said. With the enclosure movement of bat bosses and the past of angel financing honeymoon, the cruel reality of o2o entrepreneurs is how to survive and how to build a threshold. The core competitiveness of Weiya Zhaoye is to make use of the huge offline resources of Weiya group, to cultivate "Eagles" in enclosure, to do a good job of "back" shield, to be the long-term nurse of entrepreneurs, to build the future profit model, brand strategy and competitive strategy with entrepreneurs in the mode of "strategic investment + shareholder financing + resource integration", and to solve the two major problems of "living" and "building threshold" at one stroke.

In 2015, Weiya Zhaoye took part in the "white collar technology" of the o2o entrepreneurial project of office building, which is popular among white-collar people. Chen Xi, a famous media Internet person, was appointed as the founder and CEO. Strategic investment and M & A of the top three automotive aftermarket service platform "car washing". Founded solely by Zhongqi jianian Technology Development Co., Ltd., Feng Jiaqiang, a well-known person in the second-hand car industry, serves as the general manager. Based on the C2B mode of second-hand cars, it has formed strategic cooperation with the second-hand cars and nearly 1000 4S stores of the market network.

When it comes to the implementation of Weiya Zhaoye's strategy of "enclosure and hawk raising", Mr. tax yabing said that there are two key points. One is the choice of start-up company market, and the other is whether the group can use its resources to establish a high threshold.

For the choice of market, Weiya Zhaoye preferred vertical high frequency and potential growth user market. More than 20 million cars are consumed in China every year. The service and second-hand car market in the post market is bound to have high-frequency rigid demand and potential growth. The o2o model connecting office white-collar workers is also a very vertical and high-frequency Internet market. If all the office white-collar workers and integral habits in China are connected through o2o model, the derived work life style and life industry will not It can be estimated.

For competitive threshold building. Weiya group's huge international trade product chain resources, office building led media resources, international well-known enterprises' integration resources, high-end customers of real estate financial strategic cooperation consortia and other resources that are not easy to imitate high threshold, can provide a huge resource integration and sharing for the newly established o2o technology company in all aspects, and provide a large platform, hard background and high guarantee for the rapid growth of the technology company 。

It is reported that as a comprehensive multinational group company founded in traditional industries, Weiya group has more than 30 affiliated companies at home and abroad, covering multiple fields, with three major sectors of real estate investment, international trade and science and technology media as the main positions. Among them, the real estate sector has been jointly developed with Mitsui Real Estate Co., Ltd., Japan's largest developer, for many years, in mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan Southeast Asia and Europe have accumulated a lot of resources. In the context of the group's rich product channels and transnational networks, expanding investment in Internet technology is no different from putting wings on the group's development, which is bound to bring a qualitative leap.

Tax yabing said, "the logo of our Weiya group is a hero. Countless Eagles created by him make his dream of fighting in the sky come true."

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