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Real estate venture capital:The group's real estate sector cooperates closely with a number of well-known real estate enterprises in Japan and domestic well-known enterprises. Taking advantage of the group's great advantages in development, M & A, foreign exchange, government certification, financial support, etc., and taking China's first tier cities as bridgeheads, the group has successfully expanded a number of real estate development investment and asset management projects in China, Japan and other countries and regions, and at the same time established "tribal Ark" ”Health sharing office brand is committed to building the only health themed shared office space in China.


International Trade:Effectively use the group's advantages to introduce forward-looking, high-value Japanese and European products to the Chinese market and to the world. Through the cooperation of teams from all countries and regions, we can better understand the commodity trend of the Chinese market, jointly develop and negotiate with each other, make efficient and rapid use of effective resources and information, and obtain the satisfaction of customers and the smile of consumers.


Science and Technology Sports:Science and technology and innovation are always the driving force of human innovation era. Physical education is always a new blue ocean in the new era.


Fashion media sector:The fashion media sector relies on the group's resource advantages in Japan, based on self-Media and draft events, with the main line of netred economy, and in cooperation with strong media enterprises such as Ruili, Netease News, and the Organizing Committee of international supermodel competition, to explore and innovate the fashion media business globally.