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Puss in boots International Fencing Center

2019/10/15 09:39
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Puss in boots International Fencing Center

Long boots cat International Fencing Center is a star enterprise of culture and sports industry under Weiya group. As a professional, fashionable and healthy international chain enterprise, boots cat International Fencing Center takes mengkuxia boots cat as its brand image and Weiya group, a well-known multinational enterprise with abundant capital, as its background to build China's first professional, chain and international fencing training service, which is bound to change the pattern of Chinese fencing industry.

At present, the long boots cat International Fencing Center has three fencing centers, which has become the largest number of fencing centers in chain operation in Chengdu. Meanwhile, the long boots cat has not stopped expanding. In the next year, it is planned to increase the number of fencing centers to more than 10.

Among them, the flagship store of long boots cat International Fencing Center covers an area of about 1700 square meters. The main supporting facilities include 8 standard tracks, yoga room and all-round central air-conditioning equipment. Meanwhile, it provides VIP members with business negotiation area, rest area, VIP dressing room and bathing facilities, leisure water bar, leisure book bar, etc. It is the largest Fencing Club in China, involving enterprise development training, adult fencing training, children fencing training, etc.

At the same time, Puss International Fencing Center is the only Fencing Center brand in China that has reached strategic cooperation with the international European, American and Asian Education Alliance. The most important part of the strategic cooperation between the two sides is that those who have trained and studied in the long boots cat Fencing Center for more than three years can obtain background improvement when applying for more than 1400 signing Universities under the name of the International Europe America Asian Education Alliance.

In addition, the long boots cat International Fencing Center is also a member of the National Youth Sports Federation under the General Administration of sport of the people's Republic of China, and the only Fencing Center with school running qualification in Sichuan.

Integrity, professional service concept, unity, efficient team spirit and dedicated, loyal employees are the core competitiveness of the boot cat. To provide customers with the best quality products and services is the forever goal of puss boots. Long boots cat International Fencing Center has always adhered to the core culture of the group, striving to build a famous international fencing brand of long boots cat.

Fencing is a sport developed from ancient fencing duel. It combines elegant movements and flexible tactics, requires high concentration of athletes' spirit and good coordination of their bodies, and reflects good movements and quick reactions of athletes.

Puss in boots, an elegant and intelligent swordsman, has won a lot of admiration and glory. With the goal of puss boots, Puss boots International Fencing Center has always been committed to cultivating students' talents and abilities in four aspects: etiquette, thinking, fighting and beauty.

Puss boots is committed to the combination of fencing and oriental culture, so that fencing is no longer a "noble sport", into the public. From inside to outside, train the students' body coordination, flexibility and flexibility, cultivate good physical fitness, enhance physical fitness and change internal temperament.