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Set sail, now.

Come on, sail with us to the boundless dream and brilliant ocean.


In recent years, according to the results of the investigation and exploration of British historians all over the world, it is emerging that the era of great navigation dates back to decades. Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty realized the theory of global navigation including the discovery of the new continent through six voyages. When we face the amazing historical facts and gallop our imagination, we can't restrain the moving of the enormous brilliance and endless power of those people who keep forging ahead towards the unknown possibility. This power and moving is the reason why we, Weiya group, take the contemporary world as the stage, through four core undertakings, grow rapidly into a global multinational enterprise.



威亚集团In the Chinese market, which is developing at an unprecedented speed, what has been cultivated through 5000 years of history is the philosophy of attaching importance to interpersonal relationship, honesty, responsibility, love and realizing humanized management. On the other hand, from Japan, the fastest internationalizing country in Asia, we have gained a global perspective. Across China and Japan, Weiya group, which links the world, has both the efficiency and flexibility of Chinese enterprises and the creativity and international competitiveness of Japanese enterprises, aiming at the world-class international multinational enterprises. In the future, the Weiya people, who will march into the world market in a large scale, just like the crew with wisdom and courage who once joined Zheng He's super fleet that dominates the seven oceans, are burning the flame of their dreams. Dear friends, please join us in the sea of hope and success.